Those of you that have been keeping score know that today is Beth and I’s 1 year anniversary. It also happens that I’m taking my spring break this week, so we hope to make some good progress on the painting and basement this week. Today, before shutting it down for our ‘date’, we sprayed the first color on the aileron. It seems to have come out pretty well, somewhere between ‘not perfect’ and ‘more than respectable’. It will certainly do, and I think will buff up pretty well. No more ramp envy for us. I also got my “headset to video camera audio adapter cable” finally, so this year we’ll be able to record our in-flight audio during our travels. Pretty sweet. Check out the new pictures, and look for more this week. Painting.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday April 4th, 2009 at 9:18 PM

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