We’ve begun to fit the prop and spinner. We have to put the propeller on and take it off several times to get the spinner installed. First we have to mark where the blades intersect the spinner bulkhead, and then make templates of the blade so we can cut the openings for the blades to stick through. I’ve got a 4″ Saber extension, but it seems most folks are running 6″ extensions, so I’m deciding if I want to swap it out now, or wait to see how our Weight and Balance works out first.


Catto Prop

What an awesome site – This is one of THOSE days

For those of you who just need to see more about how the spinner was fitted to the propeller… Our Catto is 68″ diameter by 82″ pitch.

Fitting the back-plate onto 6″ Saber Extension

Test Fitting the “Lampshade” Flow Guide

Test Fitting the Spinner Dome

Back Plate Layups Competed
We added 2 BID of glass around the periphery of the back plate to get a better interference fit with the flow guide. This is one of Ken Millers (www.long-ez.com) spinners made from carbon fiber. The position of the flow guide was fixed, and the blade positions were marked onto it, and subsequently, the dome.

Fixing the position of the flow guide.


Then the back plate was permanently bonded to the flow guide with flox. This is possible since the prop doesn’t have nuts, the extension is threaded. Then we had to make templates of the prop blades (horse shoe style) so that we could cut the openings in the dome. The back part of the cutout will then be bonded to the back plate so the dome can slide on, and be attached with screws and nut-plates.

Floxing the back plate to the flow guide

Marking the Cutouts onto the Spinner

Spinner Prop Blade Cutouts

Test Fitting the Spinner Dome after Cutting

The Spinner Dome is Fitted

Fitting Aft-Cut Sections

Glassing Backplate to Flowguide

Bonding Aft Cut Section

Checking Spinner Tracking

Primed and Fitted


Prop Label – 68″ Diameter, 82″ pitch

Prop Safety Wire

Prop Label – 68″ Diameter, 82″ pitch

Catto Glass Composite 3 bladed #0604473

Diameter: 68″      Pitch: 82″     VelocityXL

Red Line RPM max: 3,100

Torque: 40ft lbs        Crush Plate Required

Manfacture Date September 2005

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday April 11th, 2006 at 12:06 PM

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