Masking of the blue is now done, and a preliminary test of scuffing the blue on the cowling and spraying clear over it seems to have panned out. So, that means we spray white tomorrow, pull the masking, scuff the blue Monday, and clear coat everything on Tuesday (I’m only working Monday this wee). At least, that’s how I hope it’ll play out.

Nose masked

Window masked

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday November 21st, 2009 at 11:32 PM

Categories: Masking
Tags: Building Fuselage Masking Painting

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  1. Document says:

    […] Wow, is it a pain in the butt trying to get the copilot masking to be the same as the pilot side with these complex shapes. Hear me now, none of you had better ever say they don’t look the same. We spent all last evening just getting from the nose to the door right. Maybe we’ll get to the cowling line tonight? The copilot windows shouldn’t be that bad. Check out the¬†pictures. […]

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