I’ve been encouraging my friends to get APRS trackers for their airplanes for awhile now. Some of them have even gotten their HAM licenses. Mark is a special case, as he has an AVMap mounted in his airplane, which means he could hook up a mobile radio and track airplanes in flight! So, he’s first on my list to configure his tracker. I ended up getting him a Byonics MicroTrak 400, which replaces the model I have, and set it up for him and test flew it to make sure it was working before I mailed it to him. Now it won’t matter if he files on FlightAware, I’ll be able to see if he’s arrived yet or not. Very cool. Now I just need to get the Brainards and Millins onboard.


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday October 19th, 2014 at 8:52 PM

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