We haven’t installed them yet, though I’ve purchased the VG’s from CCI in New Jersey. These can be used in front of a NACA duct to improve attached cooling air flow into the duct, or on the wings. The factory provides a template for installing these on the wings since it’s critical that the lift remain balanced between the canard and main wings at all times. The landing speed of the Velocity with VGs attached is reported to be 5-10 knots lower than without.

I’ve also asked the factory to test out using zig-zag (turbulator) tape in place of the the VGs. Klaus uses zig-zag tape everywhere on the Delaminator, and reports very good results, so I’m hopeful to get much better low-speed lateral stability and lower stalling speeds without the VGs (which are easily damaged or broken off, and make cleaning the wing much more difficult).   NACA VG Template

NACA Template

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Friday June 18th, 2010 at 6:04 PM

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