We started the wheel pants last year, but never finished, what with all of the punchlist work we had during the test flight period. But, if we’re going to paint, they need to be done. Today we cut a vent above the brake rotor and built the NACA on the pilot side. We should bond the gear fairing to the pant tomorrow (I’ve decided to split it vertically just like the pants, and wrap the gearleg with rubber to avoid the typical paint-scraping vibration problem so common on fixed gear Velocitys).

Copilot Wheel pant before finishing

Main Pant Dimensions

Main Pant Standoffs

Copilot Wheel pant before finishing

Pilot Wheel pant before finishing

Wheel pant vent

Wheel pant axle bolt pad

Wheel pant Naca

Wheel pant Naca

Nose Pant

Nose Pant


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday July 6th, 2009 at 6:04 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] Today we sanded the filler from the long weekend and began a series of layups on the wheelpants. First up was the 3 BID 1″x1″ pads where the axle bolt comes through. Then we cut a vent above the brake caliper, as well as the cooling inlet NACA (inside, ahead of the brake), then 2 (extra fine) BID the sides of it. Next we’ll afix the leg cuff to the pant with a vertical split line just like the pant halves. This differs from the factory instructions, but I’ve always thought it must be awkward to mount the pants under the cuffs, and they always seem to rub the paint off of the pants. I plan to wrap my gearleg with rubber so it doesn’t get scratched, and let the cuff mount with the pant.  Wheel Pants. […]

  2. Document says:

    […] installed (just the head unit). Also, the nose gear pant is coming along nicely, we’ve started the cold air sealing process, and more cowling […]

  3. Document says:

    […] heated shop, and have made some engine adjustments on our plane, and are making progress on the main wheel pants. Also I’m going to grab our EAA Chapter’s scales and try to get the weight and balance […]

  4. Document says:

    […] we’ve made a lot of progress on the pants, and I think the doors strakes and windows are basically ready for paint. The underside needs a bit […]

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