The instruction on the rear cover panel are pretty sparse, to say the least, basically saying that there should be one. I’ve decided to go with a “luggage shelf” directly on top of the fuel sump. On top of the whale-tail that has the end of the tube and bell-crank arrangement for the aileron controls, I’ve glassed and extension that raises up enough to house our 10 disc CD/DVD changer and the ELT beacon box. This shelf is supported outboard by two “beams” that hold the shelf above the sump. These beams are 4″ 3/8″ dyvinicel foam with BID laid up on both sides laid flat, with a further 3/8″ x 1″ support glassed underneath on edge to try to combat any sagging of the support. The shelf it’s self is 3/8″ foam board with TRIAX reinforcing on both sides. This shelf ended up being 10″ deep and 4′ wide.

From here, I made poster board mock-ups of the space vertically up to the roof from the shelf, with a slanted portion outboard of the fuel vent lines to end just aft of the back of the rear windows. This was then fabbed from the 3/8″ foam board, and then supports made for it. First, a TRIAX lip was added to the aft side of the shelf to keep the vertical wall from sliding aft, then lips were added to the two outboard sections to ‘capture’ the rear of the center section. Then I taped the outboard two sections vertically and glassed supports behind them onto the roof-top NACA scoops and onto duct tape, that will act as a flange to keep the top from moving rearward. Then I did the same with the center section. This created the base of the vertical supports, though I may add some additional bracing later, since on climb-out this wall will take the majority of the luggage weight, and I don’t want any of the mechanicals or the ELT antenna to be damaged.

Making the Templates for the Rear Bulkhead

Forming the Luggage Shelf Rear Lip

Forming the Lips on the Outboard Panels

Fitting the Center Panel

Rear Panel Rough-Fitted

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Tuesday August 23rd, 2005 at 7:02 PM

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