Here I’ve run new tubing at the same elevation as the existing strake vents and drains (top and bottom of the center spar) for the new connections to the long-range quick disconnect fittings. Because of this, the long range tanks should fill and drain just like they were built as an integral part of the strake. We come down from the existing cross to a T for the vents, which are braced with angle aluminum structuraled to the spar, with an adel clamp to secure it to each. For the drains, I changed the system to put a T in front of my maintenance shut off valves so the long range tanks can be shut off as well, and then we’ll run new hose to the sump. The quick disconnects are dripless from Jegs

New vent cross down to new T

Vent quick disconnect (dripless)

New drain T and relocated shut off

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday April 3rd, 2010 at 10:04 PM

Categories: Strakes
Tags: Building Fuselage Long-Range Tanks Strakes

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