Installing the main gear bushings in the fast build fuselage seems easy enough, right. It’s all done, just pop the bolt out, mix up some structural adhesive, put the bolts in, and snug it up. It does seem simple, I admit, but apparently as Hamlet said “I know not seems”, because once the bolts are out it takes some convincing to get them back in. But back in they go. Next we’ll triax over them.

Here is a shot of the gear pads being installed over the main gear bushings, which have been smoothed out with micro to get a good transition. I got a little out of order here, the spar layups should have come first, but a call to the factory assured me that this way was acceptable.

And here is a picture of the firewall main gear layups. All of these layups are 2 layers of 4″x4″ TRIAX placed in alternating directions.

Main Gear Leg Support

Bushing Layups

Funny Picture of the Gear Dangling in the Breeze

Main Gear Bolt Layups – Interior

Main Gear Bolt Layups – Exterior

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday July 31st, 2002 at 4:56 PM

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