Before installing the upper strake half, all of the interior surfaces are covered with Jeffco Fuel sealant.

And the fuel intake screen is installed.

Next the bulkheads and baffles have a significant (about 1/4″) mound of Jeffco and flox spread on them top stake skin is carefully set in place, with the ground wire exiting out of the back. Then the leading edge is clecoed and taped tightly, and the top was weighted with buckets of water (or and whatever was handy).

Lather, rinse, repeat as they say. Here is a series of photos showing the same operations in super-fast-forward on the Co-Pilot side.

Upper Fuel Pilot Strake Jeffco

Baffle Sealing

Pilot Fuel Intake Screen

Intake Screen

Pilot Strake Top Installation

Copilot Strake Baffles

Baffle Locations

Baffle Layups

Jeffco on the Copilot Strake

Copilot Top Strake Fitting

Closing the Copilot Strake

Copilot Strake Layups

Finishing the Copilot Strake

Wing Cut Line

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Monday December 2nd, 2002 at 9:27 PM

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