We’re finally to the point where I’m ready to install our vortex generators (we’re in our final paint and have flown enough with our wheel pants to be ready to try the next aerodynamic change). As our baseline we’ll use dual pilot (Elizabeth and Pete, her instructor) as the starting point. In that configuration we’re very forward CG, and the canard stalls at about 75 kias (+5 if the speed brake is down). As you recall from our last entry, we got the template from the factory, and the VGs from CCI in New Jersey.

We started by getting the wing ready. First it was cleaned with wax and dirt remover, and then we taped a line perpendicular to the trailing edge and tangent to the winglet on each main wing, measuring a point 22 1/2″ forward of the trailing edge. Then we measured on the inboard side 9 1/8″ forward of the spar join line, and 6″ out from the strake join line. A piece of sewing thread strung between these two points will make the alignment line for the main wings. The main wings each get 13 pairs of VGs.

On the canard the VGs are centered in front of the elevators 6 1/2″ foward of the trailing edge of the canard. The canard gets 9 pairs of VGs on each side. Once the templates were aligned (there’s an alignment mark down the center of each sheet), the VG openings are cut out, and then the VGs are prepped by sanding them with some 80 grit paper. After cleaning the wings with some wax remover, the templates are attached under the alignment string. Then each VG is placed with a bit of Dow 532 pure silicone.

Measuring from canard trailing edge

Measuring in from the strake join line

Line Perpendicular from trailing edge tangent to winglet

Wing VG line

Canard template alignment mark setting

Cutting out VG alignment openings

Sanding VG mating surface with 80 grit

Canard Template

Canard Template placed

Main Wing Template

Main Wing Template Placed

Main Wing VGs

Canard VGs Installed

Main Wing VGs Installed

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Saturday November 20th, 2010 at 4:28 PM

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