To install the elevator hinges, we aligned the vertical tabs to be flush with our marks from the previous section and verified that they were inline with each other with string. Also differing from what was stated in the manual, we received both left and right hinges, and aligned them with the vertical plated facing the outboard end so that the elevators can be removed later more easily.

Next we drilled pilot holes in the fore hinge hole for alignment. Then take a square and project the line square to the trailing edge and drill the aft pilot hole. We then sanded the mating surfaces and secured the hinges with structural adhesive, and fastened them down with 1/8″ pop rivets while curing.

Once the hinges are attached, any circus training you might have had really comes into it’s own, as you need to reach inside the elevator torque tubes and attach a MS21042-3 locknut to SM24693S-272 screws that you drill with a 3/16″ bit as far aft as possible without going into the elevator foam, and countersunk it. A couple of extra hands are almost certainly required to accomplish this, as is a goodly bit of your preferred profanity, and 4′ long 1/4″ ignition wrench is handy too (the one at the factory was adequate, but it seemed to me someone had cut it about 4″ shorter than would have been really preferable).

Hinge Arm Pockets – Marking Locations

Hinge Arm Pockets

Elevator Hinge Locations

Elevator Hinges

Mounting Elevator Hinges

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