I’m finally there. Sure, a pilot’s license, or endorsement, is just a license to learn, and I’m sure I have many, many things to learn yet, but I can finally get in my airplane anytime I want and just fly. I spent 2 hours last night with my instructor working off the required hours to allow me to be covered as PIC by our insurance, and the only remarkable thing about the flight was how unremarkable it was.

The weather was beautiful and calm, and I just flew, doing landings at several local airports, and seeing our buddy Bill departing Xenia in his Velocity. Everything just worked, and the flying came naturally, to the point I started to take it for granted. I don’t want to do that, and I will try to take time in each flight to marvel at how extraordinary it is that I can just drive to the airport, hop in a plane that I built, and go wherever I want to. And fast.

It is wonderful to fly these airplanes… as we taxied out some folks that were getting ready to go for a hot air balloon ride stopped to take pictures of us…. as we landed at Piqua a Cirrus commented “that sure is a pretty airplane”. It’s easy to just see an airplane. But it’s much more. It’s beautiful…. And Pete was a little struck with the technology in the airplane, how we have continuous traffic, weather, terrain and obstacle mapping, Geo-refererenced charts and plates, VOR, full engine monitoring, tons of power, electric trim, good radios, everything you could want… but I want to giggle every time I look at my checkered winglets… and I love to look at my canard as I make my departure turn and think, ‘where will you take me today’.

And again, it’s a trip I probably wouldn’t have taken if Elizabeth hadn’t pushed me. Thank you, Sweetie.


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Friday July 18th, 2014 at 10:59 PM

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