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I’m not sure what other folks do for their glare shields, and the directions in the manual are pretty skimpy. What I’ve decided to do is this, I’ll brace the back (it tends to droop) with two aluminum plates that mount to the fuselage just in front of the windscreen, and add to angle brackets on the back of the instrument panel to hold the front end of the glare shield in place. This involves the usual recessing of AL hard points into the fuselage and glare shield, and drilling and tapping both.

The glare shield will also have a set of luminescent panels installed to add some flooding light to the instrument panel in soft green (similar to the Timex Indiglo), and for map reading. These will be recessed into the glare shield so that they are not obvious, and they’ll have a dimmer so that you can adjust them for the right amount of lighting.

Two Fore Glare Shield Mounting Plates from Nose

Two Fore Glare Shield Mounting Plates from Cabin

Instrument Panel Angle Brace

Instrument Panel Angle Brace

Glare Shield Lighting Installation – line is instrument panel depth

Installed Glare Shield Lighting

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Monday July 5th, 2004 at 3:10 PM

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