The seat hard-points were installed using the factory placement guidelines as a starting point, however our seats have a large amount of side-bolstering, so we mounted them slightly off-center, but the specified 35″ from the canard bulkhead. The rear seats were trial fitted in different locations, to allow for different operational characteristics. We tried allowing space behind the seats sufficient to fit a suitcase, as well as complete aft for maximum leg room. Since we will be making the over-sump ledge/cover panel with extra support structure to allow for luggage storage on top of it, we elected to give the rear seat passengers as much leg room as possible. Also, when we have 4 passengers, we won’t have a lot of excess weight-carrying capacity for luggage anyway, and when we fly with fewer passengers, we can stow baggage in front of the rear seats.

Fuselage Hard Points

Hollowing out the outer seat hard-points

Hard-points Installed

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Monday June 10th, 2002 at 2:21 AM

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    […] Seat hard-points¬†are installed, and the¬†seats dry-fit, and the hangar floor pictures posted finally. […]

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