Coming out of the sump is a fuel shutoff valve, ours is controlled remotely from a T-handled lever glassed into a pocket on the keel and then exits the firewall through a bulkhead fitting. On the firewall, the fuel tubing goes to a cleanable strainer, the electric boost pump, and then to a Floscan fuel flow transmitter. I’ve allowed a fair amount (though not quite the recommended 12″) of straight tubing before any 90 degree bends to get more accurate flow readings. A 3 ply Triax layup was made to create a fuel pump and fuel filter mount.

Making a Fuel Pump Mount

Fuel Schematic

Fuel Routing

Pump, Filter, and Flow Transmitter Mounted


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Friday March 11th, 2005 at 7:57 PM

Categories: Engine Plumbing
Tags: Building Engine Fuel System Fuselage

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    […] more bits), but have been doing a fair amount of engine work. This includes cooling plenum and fuel plumbing work. The exhaust is out at Custom Exhaust and should be back about the end of the month, as […]

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