This section was actually fairly fun, with the exception of the static ground line. The dimensions on our plane are a little different than in the plans as we purchased a different fuel cap. We go these nice brushed aluminum locking caps –

Basically you first drill a hole through the inner strake skin and down to the outer skin slightly larger then the cap. Ours was about 4″, and is placed outside the prop arc (just in the case, of course) which puts it about 18″ from rear of the center section spar, and about 16″ from the fuselage side. Then you come back and using the pilot hole from the first operation, drill hole through the outer skin large enough for the raised center section of the cap to protrude through.

However, before installing the cap there are a couple of optional pieces of protective equipment to hook up. Enter the $2 length of brass bathroom chain, an #10 countersunk head screw, and a length wire. A through hole was drilled in the fuel cap and counter sunk, and the bath chain and wire are connected to it prior to bedding the cap in microglass. The other end of the bath chain is safety wired to the cap so it doesn’t go missing during a fuel stop. The screwhead will serve as a ground plate for refueling operations, simply touch the fuel nozzle to it prior to opening the cap to ground it and prevent sparks. The wire will be routed out the rear strake bulkhead and attached to the engine. Once all of the attachments are in order, you simply fill the opening with flox and cover it with 2 BID.

Newton Fuel Cap

Drilling Inner Hole and Removing Foam

Test-Fitting Fuel Cap

Fuel Cap

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Saturday October 26th, 2002 at 8:09 PM

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