We’ve officially flown into our first Oshkosh. We flew to Andy’s in Michigan yesterday to beat some weather, and expected to have an easy flight today, but the weather was pretty iffy. In fact, if it hadn’t been for our friends the Rileys we probably wouldn’t have launched at all. But, the weather on the west side of the lake was ok, but there was a low scuzzy layer over the lake. We definitely weren’t doing that… so we decided to just skirt the lake and stay below Chicago’s airspace, and see how it went.

I’ll say that it was damned uncomfortable, but it never felt really dangerous, and we were getting periodic pilot reports from folks ahead of us on the air-to-air channel, so we kept working our way in. I’ll have to get pictures from Mark, because I was so focused on keeping the ground in site and watching for traffic I didn’t take any. Past Chicago the ceiling lifted some, and we got better sunshine through the clouds with good visibility, so even though we were pretty low, it felt much better.

After all of that, the actual arrival to KOSH was pretty mundane, and before we knew it were were here! As we taxied in, Mark and Nancy were taking video of us, and the Basol’s, our Cozy friends from Rough River were waiting for us to shut down as well. It was awesome. We got tied down, and Reiff (the head of our Velocity Owner’s Association) was kind enough to pick us up and give us a ride to the UW Oshkosh dorms. Now where safely ensconced in our room and can enjoy the show. This is a major milestone for us, and one that has been 13 years in the making. I couldn’t be happier.

Long, strange trip Scud runner
We have arrived the Mayor… aka Andy


We’re here!


the Basol’s

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Saturday July 26th, 2014 at 4:21 PM

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