This weekend we decided to fly to Columbus to visit Elizabeth’s sister Amy and her boyfriend, and take them for rides. The flight to Columbus’ Bolton Field was one of the “longer” cross-country flights during my flight training, but is a very easy 20-25 minute flight in the Velocity (versus nearly an hour and half by car) depending on conditions (it was bumpy on the way up, so we only we doing 150-160 kias, and we had a 20 kt headwind on the way back).

I hopped on arrival and loaded Doug into the airplane for a quick flight in Bolton’s training area. Sorry for the picture quality, I didn’t think to take any of my cameras to the airport, so they’re all iPhone quality. Here are some pictures, including the route of flight.

Elizabeth took him for a ride before shutting down, and then we let the engine cool while we had lunch and caught up with everyone.

It’s pretty cool how the Velocity always draws a crowd, even when there isn’t one. There were only 3 other people at the airport when we arrived, and they’d already worked their way to the fence to ask about the airplane before I got to it. They wanted to know if it was OK to take some pictures. Of course it was. 😎 Who doesn’t want to show their airplane off?!

We stayed a little over an hour before heading home. We got back to Lebanon before Amy was out of her car, and we in well before dark. It was a nice trip on a really, really nice afternoon to fly, aside from a bit of wind. It’s wonderful to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. The airplane was flawless the entire flight.


The flight path – the loop on the north side of our inbound and outbound flights is Doug’s flight

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Sunday July 28th, 2013 at 10:03 PM

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