Here is something else we ran into. After having trouble building RPM and having a very rough running engine that seemed to want to run very lean, and ran relatively well at idle, but not at WOT. We tested the fuel flow from the injectors and found the below. Very uneven flow. After removing the nozzles the flow was healthy and balanced. We cleaned the injectors with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and with Hoppe’s Elite gun cleaner. After that I still had to blow air from my compressor back through them to get all of the debris out. We then cleaned up the spark plugs with a propane torch per a recommendation from Klaus at Light Speed and now everything seems to be in order.
Fuel Flow testing at Injectors

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday August 23rd, 2007 at 7:09 PM

Categories: Engine Plumbing
Tags: Building Engine Fuel Injection Fuel System Fuselage Magnum

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    […] been having some issues with the motor running rough and not generating enough RPM. Well, tested the flow through the injectors and found uneven flow. Once we pulled the injectors we found some debris in them, though the fuel […]

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