I’m back from vacation, and show is Pete (he’d flown to Florida in an RV-7 based on the field)… so, it was time to get in my required night cross-country. The days are getting shorter, so we were able to knock it out without being out too late. We took the relatively easy flight up to Bolton just outside of Columbus again, and although the tower closes before dark, we got Flight Following the whole way both ways. It’s funny, because Pete requires me to follow the VORs, so I occasionally get the question from ATC “N40987, do you need vectors to the airport??”. Funny. “No, no, just locking in on the VOR for training, thanks…”. Anyhoo, we made the trip a bit slower than I expected, did our full stop landing, and then headed back home. I ended up wearing the foggles the whole way up and back, which makes it more like work and less like fun, but I needed to log the time… Coming out of the foggles, I had a bit of trouble finding the airport, it was more off the right wing than I expected, but I did find it and got onto the right base for 1 and put the plane away. It was a nice, smooth, clear and cool night to fly, and at this point I’ve pretty much logged my requirements. Now I just need my medical to come through, and to take my written, then I can do my solo cross-countries and start working up to the flight review.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday September 16th, 2012 at 8:42 PM

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