It was pretty, sunny, and cool day today as we got an early start. We had a lunchtime fly-in at the airport, so we launched at 10 so we could grab some lunch when we got back. Pete decided we’d go to Cincinnati Lunken airport on the Ohio river for some practice at a different field, and get some control tower work in while we were at it. They were very accommodating, though they through us a couple of curve balls. First Pete had me dial in their ATIS (120.25), which was not broadcasting. He then had me dial in their localizer and select a heading 210 degrees, as he expected we’d be given 21R as our arrival runway. On initial contact they asked us to expect right base for 25! Nice.

Runway 25 faces right into the rising terrain on the other side of the river, by the way. Not that we were scrapping the ridge, but we weren’t clearing it by a ton, either, and there were some fun burbles around the top too. To add to the fun, the tower kept changing which side of the airport he wanted us to fly our pattern on. We’d do one to the left, two to the right, then back to the left. On the up side, we did fly over downtown on way, getting a westerly departure, cleared but required to stay below the class B for CVG, and skirted over my office and some fun landmarks on the way home (check the audio). Very fun outing, though my patterns and landings were just OK (Runway 25 doesn’t have a displaced threshold, so I was a little put off by that…)

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Saturday June 2nd, 2012 at 9:08 PM

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