It is somewhat fitting that flight “44” would be the beginning of my transition to high performance aircraft. I need this for insurance on the Velocity, and so I want to get it completed before I start my transition work in the Velocity. It is also useful in that I think training in many different aircraft tends to make you a better pilot because you’re not just using muscle memory or rules of thumb, you really need to fly the airplane. So today I did my first lesson with Cameron Kloez from Aviator’s Flight Academy (the old Blue Ash Aviation, now) at Dayton Wright Brother’s Airport. I’ll say that I don’t think the power difference caused me much trouble, but getting used to the different cockpit layout, not having electric trim, etc. made me really sluggish and behind the airplane most of the time and I was not very good at holding my altitudes and headings as I slowly worked my way around the instruments and tried to find the right trim with the wheel. I also flared way to high for the high wing and had to fight my through my landings. They will get better, but I was not at all happy with my performance. I couldn’t find a time in the schedule to fly again till next weekend, but if the weather is good I should be able to get in a couple of flights next week.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday March 10th, 2013 at 11:35 PM

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