A good friend of mine is fond of saying Shazam when something exciting happens. Shazam indeed.

Our first flight happened this evening with Dave Bertram at the helm. I wish I could describe the wrenching self-doubt I experienced as he taxied to the end of the runway, or the elation of watching him lift off smartly within 1/3 of the runway length, or the concern that I felt when, after 30 minutes of predictable easy flight the engine began to run roughly (again), but I can’t do it justice. It’s an overpowering emotional experience that words cannot adequately describe. I can say that I’m not a particularly religious person, yet I said a prayer for Dave before he took off though (I didn’t even think to ask that the plane come back unharmed), and tears welled up in my eyes as she leapt from the tarmac – obviously answering the helm in the brisk and gusty breeze we had last night. And the calm, content feeling that I had when on long final I could tell he would surely make the runway, and awe of watching Dave grease her onto the runway like she was an often-used bicycle of his. What a day.


Doug Bailey, our lineman, chasing Dave and N44VF with a fire bottle and axe…

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Friday September 7th, 2007 at 5:59 PM

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