To reinforce the firewall where the engine will be mounted, and to tie it into the fuselage and wing spar more thoroughly.

Inside, the sides get two layups each, 2 ply of triax 6″x18″ which is laid up about 6″ onto the firewall. One is set horizontally just above the spar, the other at at 45 degree angle to just barely tie into the spar. I say about 6″ since the instruction imply 6″, however that would put the layups on the window (a bad thing indeed), I moved them slightly more onto the firewall. The upper layup is 4 ply of 6″x8″, with 4″ on the firewall.

On the outside center of the firewall, 2 plys of 4″x4″ triax are applied opposite the previous layup.

Inside Firewall Reinforcement

Outside Firewall Reinforcements


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday October 14th, 2002 at 11:35 AM

Categories: Bulkheads Engine/Prop Fuselage
Tags: Building Bulkheads Fuselage

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