For those of you who just need to see more of this awesome engine, here are a series of closer pics…

Clowning around while Gene drills engine bolt holes

Front of engine, showing the engine-driven fuel pump at bottom, backup alternator on the vacuum pad, and oil filter.

Top of engine showing the dipstick and top plugs.

Rear of engine, showing the boxer 6 nature of the engine, the intake plenum on bottom, and the runners to the cylinders, as well as the crank bolts where the ignition sensors and flywheel will be mounted.

Copilot side of engine

Pilot side intake runner

Front of engine from pilot side showing alternator on vacuum pad.

Top pilot side, ignition coils at top right.

Underside of motor, showing inlet runners and the exhaust openings. The fuel servo and throttle will mount where the lugs stick off of the bottom of the engine.

Top of motor, showing the six ignition coils, each feeding two cylinders so any one failure will not shut down both plugs on any one cylinder.

Top of engine looking forward

Rear underside of motor..

Pretty cool, eh?

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday October 10th, 2004 at 9:20 AM

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