Now we’ve got to finish up the rest of the connections to the motor. I opted to buy pre-fabricated fuel and oil lines from my engine shop rather than do the factory ‘roll-your-own’ solution, well, because Gene recommended it and gave me a good deal.

Fuel Pump Outlet to….

Fuel Servo Inlet Side

Fuel Schematic

Mixture Cable

Throttle Cable

Servo to “Spider” Valve on top of Engine

Oil Pressure Sensor Outlet

Fuel Pressure Sensor and Switch

Reworked Oil Pressure Manifold

Drilling and Tapping AL Bar Stock to Make Oil/Fuel Sender Manifolds

Here are a couple of interesting points. The first picture is one of dumb luck (bad). I need to drill 2 holes in the fire wall to mount my manifold, and there was nearly nothing inside the firewall. Just this one 3/8″ tube. I measured where the tube was, and then where the hole was going to go, and was confident that there was plenty of room to spare. When I drilled the hole, I noticed and odd sense of change-in-resistance as I drilled, and when I peeked inside, found I had managed to dead-eye the center of the tubing. Never in a million years could you do that on purpose. Second is a extra detail, both the electric and engine-driven fuel pumps have internal drains in case they fail, which are routed out of the cowling. Pretty simple stuff.


Plastic Fuel Pump Drains



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Tuesday April 11th, 2006 at 7:11 PM

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