ObsoleteWe are currently running without an air filter as it restricted engine RPM.

We’ve decided to redo our engine air system and include a air filter, though it isn’t specifically called for in the manaul. Along the way I’m adding side diverging exits from the NACA ducts, and redoing our cooling plenum to allow for better access to the engine since the spark plugs are very difficult to get to with our old setup. I bought a K&N filter (5147) that was rated for 350-400 HP. Next I found a small bucket large enough to contain the filter, and made a fiberglass mold of it, and also a lid that I attached with nutplates. We’ve found a spot on the engine mount on the copilot side where we can (we think) just fit it in next to the wing root. Next I started making the Snorkel out of a set of HVAC duct parts I found at the Depot. I was able to find reducers and elbows to go from the 5″ outlet of the filter to the ~3 inlet to the engine, where I’ve mounted an alternate air door that opens if the filter were to clog.

Air Cleaner Box

Air Cleaner Box Fitted

Air Cleaner inlet ducting

New Cooling Plenum Wiring Split, exterior

New Cooling Plenum Wiring Split, interior

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday February 28th, 2010 at 5:28 PM

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