So, I’m an advocate for electrical heating lately, and so one natural outcome is to finally hook up my windshield defogger. To that end, I picked up a 200W defroster for cars. As you can see here, I’ve made a foam plug to layup a transition from the device to SCAT ducting (I already had the outlet molded onto my glare shield, I just hadn’t hooked it up). This bad boy is going to need a 20A breaker. I’ve picked up three Carling off-on-on illuminated switches to run the defogger and heaters for pilot and copilot. They go green for low heat (or fan for the defogger), and orange for high.

Carling Contura II off-on-on switches

Defogger discharge nozzle ready for layup

Defogger discharge form/plug

Defogger discharge form/plug glassed

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday August 19th, 2009 at 9:34 AM

Categories: Defogger
Tags: Building Defogger Doors and Windows Fuselage Interior

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  1. Document says:

    […] spent all night last night getting the defogger transition piece formed out of foam, but I also posted the picture of the nose wheel pant […]

  2. Document says:

    […] I’ll be confident that we’re ready to paint it. Finally, I got my Carling Contura II switches in, and figured out how to wire them up to get the lights and functions the way I want. Basically […]

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