I’m a little behind on my posts, but wanted to give our building buddies, and now “dual offenders” the Brainards props for getting their¬†second¬†Velocity, a shortwing RG (temporarily fixed gear for insurance reasons) flying while the finish up their XL/RG.

Local builder Hugh Dunn got this one flying in about ’95 or so and flew it for a few years before putting it in long term storage. It hadn’t flown in a little over 10 years when the Brainards bought it, and spent the last almost year getting her back in flying shape. I’m kind of hoping that they’ll mount the gently-used MT prop they have already to this airplane to get the full fly-anytime-anywhere utility out of the airplane, and either overhaul it or get a new MT when the XL is ready to fly. John Abraham from the factory came up and put almost an hour on the clock, declaring it to be a well-flying example with only a couple of minor squawks, so Jerry hoped in with him and brought it back to I68 and put it in the hangar next to us. We’re looking forward to having another Velocity to fly places with, and John even mentioned that, aside from SoCal, he thought Cincinnati was one of the biggest Velocity communities in the country.

John A, left, Reiff Lorenz (Dayton Builder) and Linda Brainard

Linda, Elizabeth, and builder Hugh Dunn – Jerry suffers the fate of the owner/ground crew of wrenching on the airplane… trust me… I know this feeling…

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Saturday November 16th, 2013 at 10:13 PM

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