We’re fully back in building mode, though not skating at full strength. The ‘doghouse’ is now fit and finished with the canard. I’ve also installed an avionics fan to cool my Light Speed ignitions, and sent one back to Klaus to get a cooling port added, amongst other upgrades. I’m also about 90% convinced to ditch my nose-mounted oil coolers. After talking with folks like Klaus and Chris Essylstyn at Oshkosh, and reviewing the original N97XL (Bubba) notes, I’m convinced that I can heat my airplane if I seal it well, and get a lighter, less draggy airplane in the process, and lower the probability of oil pump failure down the road and still cool the engine. To that end, I’ve picked up an electric heater and neoprene. There are also a couple of changes I want to make to my brake system. First, I’m going to make the line from my gear leg to my brakes stainless steel braid, then I’m going to have my toe brakes come together in a tee and a bulkhead fitting, and 1 simple line through the canard bulkhead. That will simplify my plumbing and reduce chances of air bubbles, and then we’ll mount the brake reservoir under the nose hatch so it’s easy to fill.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday August 6th, 2009 at 6:05 PM

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