I was pretty bummed when we cancelled the Velocity Midwest fly-in at our place last month, but there was no avoiding it. With all of the construction at our airport it just wasn’t safe to bring a bunch of pushers in and try to park them on the ramp with all of the rocks and debris. Luckily Reiff had already planned another event for today in association with the Dayton Pilot’s Club to which he belongs.

The weather was perfect, sunny and clear and just barely hotter than I would’ve picked. That encouraged a great turnout, including out-of-towner Brooke Wolf from Tennessee. Altogether we 3 Velocitys, amongst other fly-in guests, which is a pretty good turnout for any event. It gave me an opportunity to film arrivals and departures as well as get a little air-to-air footage of our beloved Victor Fox!

After talking shop at the airport for awhile, we headed over to the Lorenz’s house for grilled goodness, and we mingled with the non-canard crowd as well. After awhile you really do get used to the idea that many of your friends have one of these magnificent airplanes, so it’s always fun to get grounded again by chatting with other folks, particularly other pilots. One Velocity at an new airport draws a crowd, 3 is a real event. I half expected a marching band. 😉 Thanks to Reiff and Melissa for setting this up, the folks at Wright Brother’s airport for letting us use the ramp, and the Dayton Pilot’s Club for being such gracious hosts, it was an outstanding night.  Picture Album


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Saturday June 9th, 2012 at 10:45 PM

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