I took the day off and spent most of it putting the old nose-mounted-NACA-oil-cooler back in the airplane. It’s a good thing I kept all of the parts. Boy is it hot and muggy in Cincinnati for the first time this year. But, we got some lunch, and then Dave took her back out and was very happy with what he got. Still too warm, but much better. Jerry also got some stick time, Beth did a couple of good landings, and I got to do a little flying. We got about 4 of the required 5 test hours flown off, though we still have a fair amount of things I want to check before we leave the immediate area. Happily the GRT performed very nicely, though I still need to learn more about how to work it. But all-in-all, it was a very successful week, and I’m delighted. Friends of mine at work are fond of complaining that “this was not the dream” when doing arduous work, or sarcastically blurting out that they’re “living the dream” when you ask how they’re doing. This week living the dream is flying the airplane you built, and turning final a mile and half from the runway at 96 knots and the engine at idle, and coasting along to a touch down just beyond the numbers while only losing about 2 knots. I could get used to that. We were almost fully equipped to track this flight. My new HD camera with optical zoom wasn’t in, so we used the trusty Sony DVD Handicam for the ground shots, my ContourHD on-board for video, and Olympus DS30 with an aviation adapter for the intercom for on-board audio. It’s a pretty sweet rig, and you should see some good footage here soon. And of course we still have the APRS tracker on board, so you can go to a site like APRS.fi and get our track – here’s our Tuesday flying


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday May 26th, 2010 at 9:37 PM

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