Snatched from EAA1246 website in McKinney so we have it for Dave’s airplane… N350TX…

Dave Bertram’s Velocity XLRG

I am the proud owner of Velocity N350TX. I received my kit in November of 1999 and began the never ending job of building. As you all know you never seem to finish the project as there is always something to do or redo. My first flight was on Thanksgiving of 2004. My first major problem to overcome was keeping that big Chevy V-8 cool. As a result of over-heating I burned two pistons and eventually (after an off runway landing) replaced the engine. My new V-8 runs cool with my newly designed belly scoop.

In the cockpit I have a Blue Mountain EFIS One and an EFIS Lite. This gives me a moving map and lots of engine instruments. I also have an autopilot and hope to add XM weather in the near future.

The performance of my Velocity is really great. I get around 400hp on take off with lots of torque for cruise. I run a constant speed MT prop which lets the V-8 cruise at 4000rpm and 200kts true if I don’t worry about the fuel burn. If I back off to a 180kt cruise, I can get my fuel burn to about 15gph. This makes it a nice cross- country machine. However one of the special features of the V-8 is the distinct sound it makes especially on take-off. Even at cruise, my wife knows I am flying in the area by the sound of the big V-8.

My thanks to my wife Nita and all my friends at the MOHA, who have helped and supported me in this building experience.

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Saturday September 12th, 2020 at 9:03 PM

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