This wasn’t a great weekend for working on the airplane, though we did get some very nice weather for late October in Ohio. We had some Halloween things to do on Saturday, and Sunday was our EAA meeting. So, we elected to keep to manageable bits of work, we covered the fuselage and primed the doors and cowlings as well as a bunch of odds-n-ends. Those included the doghouse, nose cover, vortilons, spinner, and aft portions of the main gear pants. We sprayed these on Saturday and started sanding them out Sunday before the meeting. Hopefully we can get these resprayed and also the rest of the pants before the weekend so we can spray the fuselage with blue next weekend (and have everything else in primer). Also, Jerry was nice enough to buff out our door handles and round the edges. Beth decided that she’d rather they be shiny rather than painted. He’s our only real metal shop guy, and he also made a notched bolt that will allow us to open the doors after painting without having to install the actual handles. Hand dude, just keep him flush in Ginger Ale. 😉


Polished door handles

Lower cowling pre primer

Door pre primer

Upper cowling pre primer

Vortilon-cylces anyone? Bright idea also by Jerry


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday November 1st, 2009 at 5:06 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] I’m getting ready for a trip to Utah on business, but I wanted to get these pictures up of the stripped doors. I’ll probably wait to paint these and the doghouse until we strip the fuselage, because they need a bit of work to really match properly. Doors. […]

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