We’ve purchased the dual axis digital autopilot from Blue Mountain. This is a really cool system, in that it can not only hold a course and altitude, it can climb to an altitude, or at a prescribed rate, or follow a flight plan that you enter into the EFIS. This is a very interesting system, in that the EFIS communicates with the autopilot control box over standard Ethernet cabling, and not only can it follow a GPS flight plan, or a standard VOR navigation radio signal, but ‘virtual VOR’, where the EFIS calculates where the VOR signal will be, when it is close enough to be received, and plots that course via GPS until the NAV radio picks up the signal, and then it switches to follow that signal.

BMA Digital Autopilot

Pitch Servo Arm to Elevator Torque Tube

Roll Servo Push Tube

Autopilot Roll Servo

Elevator Torque Tube Primed

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday November 22nd, 2004 at 8:36 PM

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    […] up the cowling attachments, connecting autopilot servo arms, installed radio and tested, system integration […]

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    […] It’s all very frustrating, but we are making steady progress. We’ve finalized the autopilot servo installations, hooked up the elevator push-tube, tested our radios and antennas, and cleaned up […]

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