It’s time for your monthly update. I have to apologize for the regular reader of this blog, as I’ve been most remiss in my updates of late. I have been crushed with to-do items between the new job, the airplane, and our basement finishing project, and although all fronts continue to make acceptable progress, the website has suffered as a result. So, what’s new? Well, we’ve finally got a functioning paint booth up and running at the house. We were going to paint at Jerry’s, but it was just a bit too cramped for the 10’x20’x9’6″ booth that we’d envisioned. In fact, getting it in my garage, and getting the heat back up and running was a bit of a challenge. But paint we will, and are, we got the copilot aileron and upper wing surface primed this weekend, and will sand it out over the next couple of days. We might even prime the bottom skin before the weekend. In any event, we should have topcoat on it by the weekend and we’ve already moved the canard to the house so we can start stripping the old primer off of it as time permits. Check out the progressĀ here. Oh, and if you want to check out the basement you can do that too, over atĀ

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday March 9th, 2009 at 9:11 PM

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