Well, I’m still waiting on my third display from Grand Rapids, so I’ve been working around it by finding other bits to work on. Mostly I’ve been trying to make sure we’re ready for Dave Spano’s visit later this week, he’ll be handling our interior upholstery, and will be coming in to get some measurements. He’ll also be taking some bits back to Chicago to work on there. So I’ve been working to make sure he has everything he needs, like the doors which will get the beams covered and beauty panels covered. I’m also going to try to send him back with the rear bulkhead parts, the window covers, etc. We should get our material samples in from Oregon later this week, but delivery will be 3 weeks after we confirm the swatches match our seats. That puts our installation of the interior into March at this point unfortunately.

I had to make new covers for my Westach fuel gauges as I couldn’t find my old ones, and I made covers for my fuel site gauges that will get upholstered, and I’ve included a mount there for the led lighting for the gauges, which will clean up that installation quite a bit.

As I mentioned last week, I did get in my lighted panels from Team Concours here in Cincinnati, and they look great. I’ve installed the switches for the overhead, and have prepared the mount for the logo/registration panel onto the instrument panel directly over the radios. I’ve also started the wiring harness, which will take some time, and I ordered a new Infinity stick grip which we’re going to get engraved with SET in Florida (thanks for tip Mark and JD)!

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday February 14th, 2011 at 10:45 PM

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