Here you can see a couple of shots of the finished tie-downs. As I say, it’s probably overkill, but I doubt I’ll ever need to add any. 😉

We’re installing baggage tie-downs so we can use cargo nets to restrain our cargo. These things are horribly expensive, but I think they’re necessary and I like these things. I’m putting in three across the front of the whale-tail, and three across the back of the baggage shelf, as well as 2 high above the shelf. I’m also installing installing 6 across the top and bottom of the strake openings, mainly because we hope to mate them with long-range tanks, but also because Elizabeth plans to make custom bags for storing luggage in these nooks.

Baggage shelf cargo netting

Baggage shelf cargo netting

Baggage shelf cargo netting

Strake opening Cargo Netting

Luggage shelf tie downs



Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday July 28th, 2010 at 6:50 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] a bunch interior details this weekend, including door pin covers, window upholstery covers, and baggage tie-downs. Also, Jerry and Bob worked on the heating system, covering up the nose NACA scoop and finalizing […]

  2. Document says:

    […] is a bummer. But, count your blessings, right? I’m still loving the new hangar, and the baggage tie-downs are all installed. Meanwhile, Bob is finishing the heating system, and the new airbox and engine […]

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