Communication Antenna

The Comm antennas are installed by the factory in the Fast Build Wings.

Navigation Antenna

The Nav antennas are installed by the factory in the Fast Build Wings.

Glideslope Antenna

We order material from RST Engineering to make our Glideslope antenna. Here’s a picture of my efforts…

Glideslope Antenna

Marker Beacon Antenna

Ditto our Marker Beacon antenna….

Marker Beacon Antenna


Transponder Antenna

Here I purchased a standard transponder antenna from Spruce, and installed in underneath the gear legs were it will be almost never seen, and not fry any of my loved-ones….

Transponder Antenna

Transponder Antenna Installed

GPS Antenna

Our GPS antennas are mounted onto a shelf that I’ve built on top of the landing light housing with Velcro.
update, our primary GPS came with the Blue Mountain E/1, we expect we’ll have another one once we buy a WAAS approved GPS/COMM later (the 430 or 480 by Garmin). Right now these are mounted on top of the nose mounted landing light.

Sirius Radio Antenna

Our on-board entertainment includes satellite radio, and our Sirius antenna is also mounted on the shelf on top of the landing light.

WxWorx Antenna

Our GRT EFIS has a weather interface, so we’ve installed the WxWorx (XM based) weather receiver. The antenna and receiver are mounted on the canard on the pilot’s side.

APRS Antenna

We have an APRS ham radio (2 meter) transmitter installed on our airplane, and it’s antenna is mounted to the bottom of the radio behind the baggage false bulkhead and is attached to the overhead fresh air plenum drain tubing.

APRS Installation – Antenna is protected by straw


ELT Antenna

The ELT will have it’s own antenna. We’re looking for the new satellite/GPS compatible system that operate on all three frequencies (121.5/243/406MHz). We will mount the unit on the center spar, as this is the area most likely to remain intact in our opinion, should we land off-field.

ELT and Ground Plane

ELT and Ground Plane

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Sunday May 4th, 2003 at 8:56 PM

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