I’ve recently been notified that one of my other big commitments, the website for my EAA Chapter (974) has been nominated and won a Web Editor’s Award. We won’t know until Airventure closes (Saturday a week) where we placed, but it’s nice to be recognized.

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Cutting the Cake

Mine Flies!

Andy gets a shirt

Wedding Bells as favors

I couldn’t possibly build an airplane… but Eagle 1 could!

Carl Hoffman’s SE/RG

Hoffman’s Franklin powered SE

Thomas Feminella N255DM

N255DM “Tom Cat”

Velocity Ad

Velocity Ad

Velocity Ad

Armadillo Powered Rocket Racer

Armadillo Powered Rocket Racer

Armadillo Powered Rocket Racer

Bob, Ed, and Brett at camp

The World-Famous Cozy Girrrls

Just Married?!

Defiant Flyby

Pretty as a picture

V22 Osprey

First Public showing

John Howard’s XL-5 N924JH

Howard XL/FG

Camp Cincinnati, Day 1

Ron and Kent Forsythe, the PathFinder Team

Unit #2 and Bob Dombek

Our homestead for the week (new bigger tent) and Sacred Heart Cinnamon Rolls

Bob’s Place (reminds me a little of Bagg-end…)

Outpost Brainard

Campsite Day 2

Looking the other way

Further back, showing the common area with canopy – things were pretty organized up to this point…

OK, I’ve put on a few pounds, I’m working on it

Ron and I, BFF

And in the morning, I’m making WAFFLES!

The e-a-s-y life

Ed and Patti depend on me to insure their retirment (ex P&Gers)

Tom enjoys an uncrowded moment (one of few)

This is as close as we dared get to the camper repair (Tom and BJ)

Beth showing off my “Superman” curl

“You talkin’ to me?”-Jerry Brainard and Bob Buls, the Dynamic Duo

BJ did help with the repair, btw…

Brian Charlton sets up

Bob Luken from EAA286 Waynesville sets up

Proudly proclaim it, EAA974!

Linda and BJ relaxing

The far end nears capacity

Patti, Ed, and fine dining

Dinner time

Doug and Elanor Hurd on the far right

Jerry and Jeanie from Colorado, Oshkosh buddies

Our reception vehicle

Word is Kent will build one of these someday

The ICON is a new, certified Light Sport, trailerable amphibian – COOL!

Boeing DreamLifter


Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

Awards Presentation

That dude is talented

Amaradillo Rocket Racer

Rocket Racer Demo Plane

The jet pack was a bust!

“Demo flight” my fat arse!

The New Control Tower

Yes, I know they’re only RVs, but it’s still kinda cool

Travolta’s Jet (707)

A silly mode of personal travel

That dude is talented

Rocket Racer Trainer

John Youngblood N568Y

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