This week was brutal at the office, so no plane stuff really got done. We did get to the hangar today, though, and finished up (I think) the hangar improvements. We ran 2 additional electrical circuits through the hangar so we don’t pop breakers as often, and when we do we can reset them instead of go looking for a lineman, and installed a couple of 30′ retractable extension cord reels. I think these things are the bomb. We have them in our shops, but at the hangar we’ve always had to deal with cords on the floor all of the time, getting dirty and causing things not to want to roll. With these we can get the power where we need to, and then quickly put it away too. Also, I installed the hardpoints (with helicoils, Andy) for my window upholstery covers. Finally, note that I’ve added an icon to the sidebar of the website. It’s the unofficial “Velocity Midwest” banner. We get a lot of guff for having too many Velocitys, or simply canards, in Cincinnati, so I thought I’d show off a little. The blue airplane icons are flying Velocitys, the push-pins are other canards, and the balloons are Velocitys in construction. Note that there are six flying Velocitys in what I would consider the “Cincinnati” area!

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday February 13th, 2010 at 8:08 PM

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