UPDATE: News 3 is now report the passenger has passed away (4 August 2023).  Double engine failure near the airport.  Flight tracking says it may have been on approach, but the deputy interview I saw online (which I’ll try to post) said they had just taken off, so I’m not sure yet about that.  Pilot and passenger were seriously injured (Daniel Mesnard, 67, of Florida, and Timothy Fiser, 69, Ohio).  They were coming back to Florida from Airventure, where I believe they were in the Velocity booth.

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News 1

ANDERSVILLE, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Two people were injured Tuesday morning when a plane crashed near the Sandersville airport.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. in the 2000 block of Kaolin Road, adjacent to the Kaolin Field airport, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

A twin-engine Velocity Twin crashed in a boggy area with two people aboard, according to the FAA.

Deputies said the plane had taken off from the airport, then had trouble a quarter-mile away. The pilot tried to make it back to the runway, but the plane went down in a wooded/marshy area around half a mile off the roadway.

Both occupants were flown to separate trauma centers with back and neck pain. They were in critical condition but alert and talking, according to deputies.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office identified them as pilot Daniel Mesnard, 67, of Florida, and passenger Timothy Fiser, 69, Ohio.

News 2

Update, August 2, 2023 – Sheriff Cochran with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office tells says it’s his understanding that both victims from Tuesday’s crash are stable.

He said both suffered significant injuries but are expected to survive.

SANDERSVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) – Deputies and Emergency Responders in Washington County are on the scene of a plane crash on the 2000 Block of Kaolin Road.

According to the FAA, a twin-engine Velocity Twin crashed into a pond near Kaolin Field Airport in Sandersville. The crash happened around 9:20 a.m.

Two people on board were reported to be critically injured. They’ve been identified as 67-year-old Daniel Mesnard, the pilot. The passenger is 69-year-old Timothy Fiser.

One has been airlifted to Piedmont Macon Medical Center for treatment, the other to Augusta University Medical Center.

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Crashed near the airport

First responders pulled them out of a muddy dried pond

They were airlifted to the hospital

N106VT in happier times – Velocity fast build



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