All we know so far is this retired Air Force and 777 pilot took off from the factory and crash shortly after at Titusville Space Coast Airport.  Witnesses indicated what appeared to be a go-around/rejected landing, slow nose high climb, and what appeared to be a stall next to the runway.  That should not be possible in a Velocity.  Others indicated that perhaps a rear seat had been removed earlier in the day at the factory, and perhaps the pilot seat had been removed and not reinstall properly, and that maybe the seat mount failed on the go-around.  It’s too soon to know for sure, but the description is very strange for a Velocity.

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Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday October 14th, 2021 at 1:42 PM

Categories: Accidents
Tags: Accident Fatal FL N755V RG SE SE/RG Titusville Velocity

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