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N787SB was in an accident near Santa Fe last evening. the pilot was transported to the hospital and was conscious.”

The update appears to be that John was flying alone and got into an area of low visibility (likely clouds) at night and started icing up. The controllers were vectoring him to Sante Fe, but he ran out of lift.

At about 9,000 feet, the pilot of the single-engine airplane knew he was in trouble.

Ice gripped the frame of the aircraft on the evening of Jan. 15 as it flew in dark, overcast skies. Low visibility meant John Laurence Berman could no longer rely on his own eyes to steer the plane. Buffeted by strong winds, he sought help from an air-traffic controller to guide him to the Santa Fe Regional Airport using flight instruments.

The controller told Berman to climb to 10,000 feet. Berman, 60, replied he was unable to maintain altitude and declared an emergency. The final radar return logged the aircraft 300 feet above ground level; Berman’s plane crashed about 8.5 miles south of his destination, in a rugged open space area between Eldorado and N.M. 14.

Those are some of the details contained in reports released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office and the National Transportation Safety Board of Berman’s harrowing flight from the Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport in Liberal, Kansas.

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Monday January 15th, 2018 at 3:26 PM

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