Allen had a forced (road) landing due to blade failure.

One blade gone could fail the 2nd, I’ll agree – you can focus in on the only photo I took, it is attached – I’ll let Burrall, Allen and Craig discuss propeller failure modes…we haven’t seen Catto’s flying apart – one interesting thing was that his aluminum hub base plate seemed frozen against the extension surface – interesting…I don’t think a failing prop blade could unscrew a bolt screwed into the case. There was no stub of a bolt left in the engine…


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Do you have a zoomed in photo of the upper broken blade in the photo? Possible the swirl marks are a knot in the wood? More likely the blade flying apart and vibration caused the damage not the other way around.

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Yes, Allen Floyd executed a perfect forced landing on the Wells/Jackpot NV road after his Catto was destroyed in the Jackpot, NV race in N18KT. He doesn’t agree, and experienced Canard fabricator, Burrall Sanders, first agreed and then differed about the initial cause, but Ronneberg seems to think that the alternator attachment to the engine (formerly attached at the bracket below) dropped in and jammed up into the engine side of the flywheel and broke a 5″ long piece of the aluminum off the belt drive section of the flywheel… It is hard to believe two of three blades were destroyed so close to the hub – but here it is:
There were engine mount cracks, some of the mounting points were pulled aft from the firewall and Allen described the rear upholstery flying into him from behind, his head set knocked askew and radios popping loose from the panel…the vibration lasted about 8 seconds….as he shut things down. There was, I’m told, an impression of one of the missing bolts on the surviving blade.


A friend caught this pic while on the road in NV to CA yesterday. She said it only had one blade left on the prop….don’t see it coming up anywhere else.

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