Well, another Cincinnati Canard/Velocity fly-in is in the books, and again the weather has damped the turnout. We had an awful lot of folks that had planned to fly get stormed out, but it was not a wash out like last year, with the morning weather OK and intermittent showers throughout the early afternoon. Ray and Chuck brought out their airplanes (top loader Velocity for chuck and a DragonFly and VariEZ for Ray), and our Fox, then Bill Batten from near Indy in his retract XL, and Randy Thompson in his Elite RG stopped in on his way to Sebastian. Also arriving by car where the Brainards (and SE/RG and XL/RG kit), Bill Stockman (SE/FG), the Lorenzs (XL/RG). Thanks to the airport for supporting us, and to Chuck and Ray for hosting (particularly Chuck who cooked most of the day).

Ray holds court


N37LV and N44VF

My velocity near left corner (N44VF), Chuck’s DMO top-loader (N709WT) lower right, and in the rear Bill Batton’s RG XL (N36LV)

Ray’s Dragonfly

Ray’s VariEZ




N36LV and N44VF



Ray’s Planes N47VE and N47DX


Bill and Reiff

Ray and Chuck man the grill


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Saturday May 16th, 2015 at 8:40 PM

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