Part 2 – (I was about to break our hosting software if I continued Part 1 – I won’t bore you with the details)

I forgot to mention the night air show and women fly events on the Part 1 page.

air launched pyro, what could go wrong?

wall of fire


Elizabeth and Laurie at the Women Fly event

Beth, Laurie, and Jessie

The bus driver had a powerful thirst


It’s the Brewer’s wiener racers

Hot Dog!

Thursday July 31st 2014

Mark and Nancy were up early to get out before the weather started to develop along their route. We slept in a bit, but I wanted to be there in time to video their departure. We were rushing our Sacred Heart sticky-buns when I got the stand down order from Mark. The airport was closed due to an airplane incident. The Breezy that gives rides apparently crashed on landing. The airport was completely closed for about an hour, with runway 27 opening up for departures, but 36 stayed closed for a couple more hours, and nobody was allowed to start an engine unless you’d already made it to the taxiway before the closure. It looked grim for the Riley’s to get out, and they would not have enough time to get home before dark if they didn’t get out before the airport closed at about 2 for the airshow. Luckily the line just started to dissipate, and the started releasing new traffic. They hopped in and started up. I went out to take video. What you see next really happened. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Mark and Nancy’s departure storm

One last group picture before heading out

$5 for this??

Dave inspecting his belly grease…

Yep, I’m going to need to clean that…

The Riley’s doing 232 kts over the ground going home

After the Riley’s headed out we visited the campground. We hadn’t seen much of the 10th and Elm Velocity and BOS Air crew that we meant to camp with before Mark offered us his friends dorm room. So, we stopped in and got to the Lorenz’s place just before another big storm. We chatted with them and the Brainards for awhile and the rain let up, so we setup some lawn chairs. A bit later we headed next door to visit with the Spanos and their crew. While we were there the heavens parted again. This time it was a whopper, and soon there was hail. It was pretty upsetting to know that your airplane is out there in that, but there’s nothing you can do about it, so you just try to not think about it.

Oh HAIL no!



But all too soon, it was time to head back to the dorm and pack up, another Oshkosh completed. We showered and packed our bags as the weather for Friday morning looked good – clear skies and good visibility – and Saturday was not a sure bet. I got up at the crack of dawn to verify the weather, and when it looked good got Elizabeth up. We packed our wagon and turned our keys in, and headed for the bus. They let us bring our wagon on board, and a few minutes later were getting our last Cinnamon rolls. After walking our bags to the plane, I pulled our tie-downs up and packed the airplane. This was one of the hotter days, and I worked up a good sweat. Elizabeth got a departure briefing, and we asked the wing walkers to escort us and help move the plane to the taxiway. When we had done our prestart checklist we were cleared to start up, and then we taxied out. The departure was easier than I expected, except for staying low till clear of the airspace. Otherwise the trip home was pretty uneventful.

Leaned enroute

A seaplane runway just outside of Oshkosh

Ahhh, Wisconsin….

Too pretty


Over airspace…

and under airspace….

To home…

Back home!

And Baby is back in the barn….

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