Here’s my 2012 Condition Inspection Recap, you can find me Condition Inspection Checklist in the Downloads section under Owners. Aside from the general inspection, tasks completed included

  • Oil change (AeroShell 10W50 with CamGuard added)
  • Fuel injectors ultrasonic cleaning
  • Adjusted the alternator belt tension
  • Engine Compression Check
    #1 – 76/80 #2 – 75/80
    #3 – 75/80 #3 – 78/80
    #5 – 74/80 #4 – 76/80
  • Breather tube/separator discharges routed out of cowling instead of collection reservoir
  • Starter returned to B&C for gear repair, and returned within 2 days, and resinstalled
  • LightSpeed ignition display repaired (had been inoperative)
  • Auxiliary audio input squeal troubleshooting/repair
  • SkyRadar D-2 ADS-B receiver installed (flight report to come, note we already have ADS-B out via our GTX330ES)
  • Installed the GRT EFIS Backup Battery
  • Reweighed the airplane since we’d changed equipment, with new Weight and Balance – getting the fuel off the airplane is the biggest pain


Returned Starter
Radenna SkyRadar ADS-B Reciever Radenna SkyRadar ADS-B Reciever
New Weight and Balance

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 at 7:51 AM

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