Crashed shortly after installing a new prop. This accident is a little troubling to me, because the available pictures look like it came straight down on it’s roof, which is really odd for a Velocity. Maybe there’s something that the pictures don’t show, but it doesn’t seem to have skidded or tumbled.

UPDATE: After reading the NTSB report, it appears the propellor disintegrated, likely breaking the engine mount – which caused the weight of the engine to shift too low in the back for controllable flight, and the plane impacted top down nearly vertically.

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Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday May 9th, 2009 at 7:53 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] 2012) edition of Flying magazine. First, the title of Mr. Garrison’s article associates this (N45YV) accident with Deep Stall, which has not been established by the¬†NTSB,¬†Velocity Inc., or any […]

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